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Fish Tacos the So Cal Way

Nothing says So Cal like the sunset and the perfect fish taco. Whether grilled or fried, these beach favorites are often topped with a spicy fruit salsa like the LA VICTORIA® Mango Habanero.

The perfect fish taco starts with a fresh white fish. Some people like salmon or sea bass, but you really want something that’s not too overwhelming in flavor. Whitefish, like these three varieties, are flaky, not oily and have a mild taste that’s not too overpowering.


A lean fish with mild, sweet tasting white flesh, large flakes, and a firm but tender texture. Because it’s so lean it can be quickly dry out if overcooked!


This lean, moist fish has a firm texture and a distinctive sweet, nutty flavor. It’s a versatile fish and pairs well with many flavor components from mild to intense seasoning.


A sweet, mild flavor with lean flesh and a medium-firm, flaky texture. This fish lends itself well to all types of cooking from fried to boiled to grilled.