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LA VICTORIA® salsas are for every meal and every occasion. We use tomatoes and peppers picked at the
peak of ripeness to deliver refreshing flavor.

Taco Sauces

From Smoky Chipotle to tangy green or traditional Red Taco Sauces, add a dash of flavor to any meal
with LA VICTORIA® Taco Sauces. Tacos, are in fact, just the beginning of where you can add this delicious

Hot Sauces

This is where it all began over 100 years ago. Our SALSA BRAVA® Hot Sauce is the original hot sauce and
the first of its kind. Today, it’s a staple on dinner tables across the country for any meal that needs a
little extra heat.

Chiles & Peppers

Capture the smoky, delicious flavors of green chile peppers and fire roasted goodness of jalapeno peppers whether you’re cooking up a family favorite recipe or topping off your favorite nachos.

Enchilada Sauces

Whether you are looking to make a traditional and familiar meal your family will love or something new and flavorful, LA VICTORIA® Enchilada Sauces deliver! Our full line of red and green with varying heat levels allow a little something for everyone to enjoy.

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